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By Frank Judge

Three of the funniest stunts the always-funny "Candid Camera" show has pulled this season have involved a pretty girl, a feather, an unlit cigaret and an unpaid cab bill.

The pretty girl, Joan Benedict, is in town. The feather is back at the CBS studios in New York, the cigaret has finally been lit and smoked and the cab bill has been paid.

"Candid Camera" fans will recall that Miss Benedict, playing it all deadpan in the show's best style, wore the feather in her hat and unconcernedly tickled men with it as they sat next to her at an airport waiting room.

In another segment, she implored male passers-by to light her cigaret while twisting her mouth to make it impossible for them.
* * *
SHE ALSO TOOK cabs and then said she had no money to pay the bill. One driver threatened to have her jailed!

Miss Benedict, was asked how it felt to do such zany stunts. "Essentially," she said, "it's acting. I can't laugh or the whole stunt is broken up."

Miss Benedict, who will be a guest on Bob Murphy's WJBK shows at 9 am Monday and Thursday, said the stunts are never rehearsed and that the subjects never know at the time that they are being filmed.

WHEN THEY ARE going to do a stunt," she said, "Allen Funt explains what he has in mind and sends a cameraman out with the man or woman who is doing the stunt."

Funt is the creator of the hit show.

Miss Benedict hopes to parlay a one-line role in "Butterfield 8" into something bigger in the movies. "I was the stand-in for Elizabeth Taylor," she said. "I also had a bit part as the secretary to her psychiatrist. My one line was 'She's here, doctor'."
* * *
BROOKLYN-BORN Miss Benedict leaves soon for Hollywood to do a part in CBS' "The Verdict Is Yours." She has appeared on "True Story," "Masquerade Party" and Steve Allen's old Sunday night show, the latter as the commercial spokesman for a cosmetic company.

Her work in network commercials is extensive. It includes six of the biggest accounts in the business.

Her first job in television was in an all-Italian version of a giant quiz show. "I was the hostess and also did the commercials for the wine sponsor," she explained. Miss Benedict comes by her fluency in Italian and French through her studies in Rome and Paris. Prior to turning to television, she was an interpreter.
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