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Joan guest starred on Berrenger's a drama series about life in a New York department store owned and run by Simon Berrenger and his two sons, Paul and Billy on NBC.
Episode: Overture
Airdate: 1/5/1985
Writer: Diana Gould
Director: Nicholas Sgarro, Larry Elikann
Episode Description: A typical morning at the family-run New York department store Berrenger's has family patriarch Simon at odds with his son Paul over a proposed merger, naive Ohio transplant Cammie starting her first day on the job and a treachorous in-law scheming to help a rival family destroy the Berrenger empire.

With:- SAM WANAMAKER as Simon Berrenger / ROBIN STRAND as Billy Berrenger / BEN MURPHY as Paul Berrenger / YVETTE MIMIEUX as Shane Bradley / ANITA MORRIS as Babs Berrenger / JONELLE ALLEN as Stacey Russell / CLAUDIA CHRISTIAN as Melody Hughes / JEFF CONAWAY as John Higgins / JACK SCALIA as Danny Krucek / DONNA DIXON as Allison Harris

Guest stars: Laura Ashton, Jeff Conoway, Yvette Mimieux, Bennet Guillory

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